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Finance insurance premiums, professional fees, school fees and the professions sector.

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  • Grow your savings by funding Insurance Brokers, Schools, Accounting and Legal Professionals or their clients in the UK.

  • We are the first Peer-to-peer lender in the Insurance Premium Funding space.

  • Invest with as little as £100
  • Quick and simple registration process
  • Automatic diversification
  • Transparent Rates

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* With peer-to-peer lending your capital is at risk and isn’t covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

Orchard Lending Club Rates

Orchard Lending Club operates a true peer to peer lending model, where investors are matched against available loans. Investors earn as soon as their allocated loans are successfully funded, and can see the status and details of each loan on our platform. Orchard Lending Club is a marketplace, and we can not guarantee a fixed rate of return.

The current average return on the platform is:
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