The OLC Difference

Orchard Lending Club is different in that we can provide superb terms to both borrowers and lenders because we specialize in a niche market which we have grown to understand well. Focusing on Insurance brokers, Schools, Legal and Accountancy practices allows us to tailor our finance solutions to meet their needs, resulting in better rates for our borrowers and lenders.


We lend to some of the safest borrowers in the UK, and we have built in several safe guards to minimize our risk of default. For example in Insurance Premium Funding, we are able to call upon any unearned premiums in case of a default and the broker also guarantees the loan. This dual risk mitigation mechanism is what has prevented any losses for us since we began trading.

For Law and Accountancy practices, the professional bodies (e.g. Law society) take a very dim view of their members defaulting on loans or going under, often stopping them from practicing. They can’t simply open a new firm the next day if the individuals concerned have had their practicing certificates revoked or suspended). Lower loss rates than those for typical borrowers, means practises can benefit from lower interest charges. For example the bankruptcy rates for solicitors (which have the best data and which make up over 20% of our target market) is between 0.0006% and 0.001% over the last 5 years. Compare this with the UK Insolvency Service estimate for company bankruptcies in general over the last 5 years ranging from 2.25% to 3.25%, making lawyers over 600 times safer for a lender than the average UK Company.

Our School Fee loans are typically 12 month loans. There is full recourse to the parents of the children whose fees are funded by Orchard Lending Club members. The credit quality of the parents and the purpose of this finance result in very low likelihood of default.