How Orchard Lending Club Works


Orchard Lending Club is the first Peer-to-peer lending platform which provides Insurance Premium , Professional and School fee funding in the UK. We also provide working capital loans to UK Regulated Insurance Brokers, Schools, and Law and Accountancy practices. We connect people who want to lend money at higher interest rates to creditworthy borrowers that we feel are underserved by the current banking sector. At Orchard Lending Club we constantly look for new niche sectors to lend to, as typically not many financial institutions operate there meaning access to capital is heavily restricted or expensive. We tailor our products to meet their needs at the same time generating lucrative returns for our lenders in a responsible manner.

We cut out the complexity of the banking world, whilst taking special measures to reduce the risk - simple as that.

What is peer-to-peer lending?

Peer-to-peer lending is a bank-free internet based process which facilitates the lending and borrowing of money. There is no third person between lender and borrower and no lengthy process to lend or borrow the money. Peer-to-peer lending makes it simple and easy to lend money quickly at a competitive rate, and get a better return on any investment made than if you were to put your money into a bank or under a mattress!

With peer-to-peer lending your capital is at risk and isn’t covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

How is Orchard Lending Club minimizing the risk of peer-to-peer lending?

Our mission is to reduce the risk of peer-to-peer lending in the UK. We're doing this by working to the following core risk minimizing values:

  • We ONLY fund UK regulated Insurance Brokers, Legal and Accounting professionals or their clients (where such lending is guaranteed by the professional firm) or Schools and parents - some of the most credit-worthy borrowers in the UK.
  • Compulsory guarantees are placed on all fee-funding loans taken out with Orchard Lending Club. So even if a borrower defaults the Insurance Broker or Practice will be liable. As we only lend through well established, regulated businesses your investment is secure, over our entire trading history we have not yet suffered a single loss (See Statistics).
  • When funding school fees, we have full recourse to the parents funding their children’s fees.

Orchard Lending Club Rates

As an Orchard Lending Club lender you benefit from increased security and can earn over 7% per annum. Lenders will start earning as soon as they commit funds, and their lending commitment is approved (this process typically takes a day, compared to other lending platforms where your capital could be sitting for weeks before earning any interest). Orchard Lending Club will match its customers against its entire loan book spreading the risk through fractionalization.

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