How Orchard Lending Club Works


Orchard Lending Club is the first Peer-to-peer lending platform which provides Insurance Premium, Professional and School fee funding in the UK. We also provide working capital loans to Professional service firms. We connect people who want to lend money at fair interest rates to creditworthy borrowers that we feel are underserved by the current banking sector. At Orchard Lending Club we look for new niche sectors to lend to, as typically not many financial institutions operate in those sectors meaning access to capital is heavily restricted or inaccessible. We tailor our products to meet their needs at the same time generating fair returns for our lenders in a responsible manner.

What is peer-to-peer lending?

Peer-to-peer lending is a bank-free internet based process which facilitates the lending and borrowing of money. There is no third person between lender and borrower and no lengthy process to lend or borrow the money. Peer-to-peer lending makes it simple and easy to lend money quickly at a fair rate, and get a better return on any investment made than if you were to put your money into a bank or under a mattress.

With peer-to-peer lending your capital is at risk and isn’t covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

How it works

1. Create Account

Fill out our online registration form , and wait for the KYC and AML checks to complete. This can take up to a day, and is conducted automatically. In cases where we are unable to complete the check, we may come back to you and request further information.

2. Log-In

You can now access the platform, see the loans on offer and the different features available to you.

3. Deposit Funds

Once you are ready to invest, deposit the funds with us through the platform. The funds are kept in a segregated client money account, and treated in accordance with our client money policy.

4. Select Investments

Browse through our available investments and select which loans you would like to invest in. You can also select auto-invest, where you can specify your own investment criteria and our algorithm will match your funds accordingly.

5. Monitor Portfolio

You can access the platform whenever you want to see how your loan portfolio is performing. If any loans are behind schedule you will be notified through the platform and updated on any steps being taken.

6. Withdraw/Re-invest

Once the loans have successfully matured, your account balance will be updated and the funds made available to you. You can then withdraw the funds or reinvest them again into new loans.

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