Who we lend to


At Orchard Lending Club we constantly look for niche sectors for our investors to lend into, as typically not many financial institutions operate there; meaning access to capital is heavily restricted or expensive. We tailor our products to meet their needs at the same time generating returns for our lenders in a responsible manner.

Bexhill UK and Orchard Funding Limited are well established lenders, and provide the preliminary loan underwriting for Orchard Lending Club. Orchard Lending Club then underwrites each loan after conducting its own credit assessment and due diligence. Having had ZERO capital losses to the Orchard investors over a 12 year period and over £600m of loans written, we created Orchard Lending Club to allow lenders to lend alongside us and benefit from lending to safe and credit-worthy businesses.

Once you have registered as a lender on our platform, you will be able to access our loan book and see how your money is being used.

We lend to:

Insurance Brokers

Lending to Insurance Brokers was the first lending that our Group undertook when it formed. We provide Insurance Brokers with working capital and provide Insurance Premium Funding for their clients. Having lent in this space for over 12 years, our sister company Bexhill UK has come up with innovative financial solutions to help our clients.

Insurance Premium Funding is a niche sector with brokers having very few finance options, this makes access to funding expensive with customers having to bear the costs. There are currently over 3,000 Insurance Brokers operating in the UK, and we currently provide funding to over 200 brokers.

Legal and Accountancy Firms

Lending to Legal and Accountancy Firms is another one of our Group’s key businesses; with our sister company Orchard Funding Group originating loans. We provide firms with working capital loans and lend to their clients to fund payable fees. With lending being guaranteed by the legal or accountancy firm, we see this as relatively safe lending and our investors have not suffered any capital losses to date.

Lending to Legal and Accountancy firms is another niche sector, with firms having limited options available. We work closely with our partner firms to understand their requirements and offer products that are mutually beneficial.

Schools and parents

We provide Working Capital loans to schools and fund tuition fees, with the loans being originated by our sister company Orchard Funding Group. With more parents considering private education for their children, we have introduced our school fee funding products as a way to help parents fund their children’s education. Our Working Capital loans are designed for schools to help them with any funding requirements they may have, ranging from equipment leasing to daily working capital requirements.

There are currently over 1,300 private schools in the UK, each with unique financing needs. Our unique loans are structured in a responsible manner that helps support the British educational system.

**With peer-to-peer lending your capital is at risk and isn’t covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).